Monday, February 8, 2010

A Trip Down Digestive Lane by Dr Steinert, Part 1

On Saturday, Feb 6th 2010, Dr Marlon Steinert presented an understandable description on how the digestive system works and why Molecular Oral Sprays are the ONLY effective method of delivering nutritional support to the body.
Truly, An IDEA Who's Time Has Come ---
Katie's Natural Way offers you this powerful, riveting and timely presentation --
a direct link to Windows Media File, click Dr Steinert Part 1 ----


Bobbie Brisse said...

HI Kathy thanks for posting this. The Saturday call with Dr. Steinert was incredible. I was extremely excited to see that it was posted in VitamistU.

Great day,
Bobbie Brisse

Ted & Kathy Kapela said...

Thank You Bobbie. We offer, to all Vitamist Members, our web site, for their use. Info, confer calls, testimonies and reference material for this unbelievable opportunity.
Ted & Kathy