Monday, February 8, 2010

A Trip Down Digestive Lane by Dr Steinert, Part 1

On Saturday, Feb 6th 2010, Dr Marlon Steinert presented an understandable description on how the digestive system works and why Molecular Oral Sprays are the ONLY effective method of delivering nutritional support to the body.
Truly, An IDEA Who's Time Has Come ---
Katie's Natural Way offers you this powerful, riveting and timely presentation --
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Friday, February 5, 2010

What Constitutes an Opportunity

What constitutes an Opportunity and how do you recognize it?

Opportunity – from my American College Dictionary – “ an appropriate or favorable time or occasion”

Occasion – Bill Gates introduces Windows
Raytheon/Amana introduces the “Radar Range” ( Micro-wave )
Medical Industry introducing Oral Sprays ( Nitrolingual Spray, Flu etc )

Favorable Time -- Heightened concern and interest in Vitamins and Nutrition
Surgeon General announces all should take nutritional supplements
Surge in high priced Juices, patches, effervescent tablets, energy drinks etc – all striving to find a better way to get vitamins and nutrients to be more effective.

Taking the above in account, it becomes obvious that a HUGE financial opportunity is available, in this 1 Trillion dollar industry, should someone develop a method to effectively deliver vitamins and nutrients into the body at a reasonable cost.

Enter Team Effort Network with and IDEA who’s time has come! Molecular Oral Absorption – that delivers pharmaceutical grade vitamins and nutrients directly into the blood-stream – a process that is proven to be more effective than even an Intra-Muscular injection!

Imagine what this HUGE opportunity could mean for you financially!

All you have to do is introduce this process, like MCI did with their “Friends and Family” program, ie. Social Marketing, and the possible financial rewards are beyond comprehension.

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